Sunday, July 3, 2011

2009 Enterplay Fak Pak Standees

Set size: 88 standees (35 players on two different cards, plus 18 trivia and mini-game cards)

Front Design: If left intact, each card is a square, with the player's name, position, team logo, jersey number, MLB/MLBPA logos, and a photo with a cropped inset photo. When assembled into a standee, the bottom border and player fold out from the rest of the card front.

Back Design: The player's silouette in mirror reverse from the front image appears over a closeup background of a baseball. The player's name and cropped photo are in the upper left. A small quiz with answers is on the horizontal edges, and instructions on how to assemble the standee appears on the bottom. The card number is in the lower left corner.

Distribution: Sold primarily through Target and Wal-Mart, packs contained two headline cards (#1-35), two player standees (#36-70), one trivia and mini game card (#71-88), and one tattoo (a separate 22-card set).

Thoughts: This looks like a fun set, and it is something I would collect at the right price. The image and card stock is high quality. Despite having both MLB and MLBPA licensing, they are not listed in the Beckett database. It appears that the 2009 issue is the only one issued, though Enter-Play continues to make standees for a variety of licenses. While writing this post, I couldn't find any baseball listings on eBay (I didn't try for too long), so I have doubts as to whether it was actually issued, or if it was only a limited test release, or just ignored by the collecting public.

Additional Links: Enter-Play's Product Page is located here, with a checklist and images of all the player and headline cards (#1-70). Thankfully Enter-Play still exists, as there is not much out there on this set.

Additional Images: Card back:


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  2. Thanks for posting about this set. I'd seen them before, but didn't realize Beckett didn't cover them. I've added the checklist to the Inventory Manager over at SportsCardForum (along with the hockey set). Uncatalogued oddballs like this are the bane of a dedicated player collector's sanity.