Sunday, July 10, 2011

1993 Kraft Singles Superstars

Set size: 30 cards (15 AL, 15 NL players), standard size.

Front Design: A full-color photo is surrounded by the player's name and team name in caps, the player's name repeated in script on the left hand side, and the Kraft Singles logo in the bottom right corner.

Back Design: The "back" image is surrounded by a blue border containing the set name; Kraft Singles logo; player name, position and team; and card number. Pulling the tab causes the player to "pop up", revealing statistics underneath.

Parallels and Similars: The 1992 Post Canadian issue is similar in pop-up design and layout, as are future releases of the Kraft Singles cards.

Distribution: Cards were randomly inserted into specially marked packages of Kraft Singles. A mail offer was available for complete sets with proofs-of-purchase and a small fee; an album was also available via mail-in offer.

Thoughts: Someday I'll remember this set and pick one up off eBay or elsewhere at a bargain (or at least another card), and pop it up so I can see exactly what's in there. Griffey, Ripken, Gwynn, and Ryan all appear in the set and would be fun additions to the player collections, and there are several minor stars of their day to round out the set, so it's fairly inexpensive to complete.

Additional Images: Card back.

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  1. I just found two of these in a pile of "food issue" cards I had stored from a while back. I'll have to post them soon in a trade bait post.