Thursday, July 14, 2011

1990 Alaska Goldpanners Team Issue

Set size: 16 standard-size cards

Front Design: A color photo is in a gold border. The player's name appears at the top along with the team logo of a man panning for gold. The team name, abbreviated "Panners," is at the bottom.

Back Design: The black text-only back contains the player's name, vital statistics, and a career writeup inside a thin black frame. The cards are numbered in the upper-left corner.

Parallels and Similars: None known. Previous team issues have different designs, and this was the last team issue until 1999.

Distribution: These would have been sold by the team through the years. Five thousand sets were produced.

Thoughts: First, I apologize for the blurry scans. Some of the modern cards you'll see this month are graded (this card) or encased (sets like Topps Pristine), and while I prefer my cards out of holders, for integrity's sake I'm leaving them in... for now. The set is similar in quality and content to most minor league sets. This is a collegiate summer team.

Additional Links: The Goldpanners team website has a list of all team sets they've issued (at least the ones still available for sale). Most sets are $10; this one sells for $30. I picked up this card for $1 or less at a show.

Additional Images: Card back:

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