Thursday, July 7, 2011

1981 Dodgers Police

Set size: 32 cards, which have the odd measurements of 2-13/16" by 4-1/8".

Front Design: A color photo appears surrounded by a white border. The bottom of the card contains the player name, jersey number, and position, and "LAPD SALUTES THE 1981 Dodgers" in black ink.

Back Design: A police tip attributed to the player and the LAPD badge with the number (year) 1981 in black ink fills the back.

Parallels and Similars: Many of the police issues of the era have similar designs and card sizes.

Distribution: Cards were distributed by LAPD officers. The Ken Landreaux and Dave Stewart cards are short-printed due to being last-minute additions to the set; this set provides Stewart's true rookie card.

Thoughts: I like reading the tips on the back of these cards. I remember all the PSAs integrated into 1980s children's programming and they bring back memories. I'm just wondering if any of these crime tips are useful or just based on urban legends with no basis in fact. Snopes did a good job looking at the poison and sharp objects in Halloween candy (read the whole article about sharp objects - the only real incident is from the rumor creating the idea for the crime). Are there burglars out there who really knock on the door and break in when a kid answers? Are there predators out there luring kids into their cars with candy bars? (I'm not saying these are false, I'm just asking if they are.)

Additional Links: Old Baseball provides a checklist.

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