Monday, July 4, 2011

2006 Upper Deck Ovation Nation - Independence Day Edition

Set size: 15

Front Design: An action shot serves as the background, with the player's national flag overlaid on top of the action photo. A portrait adds a third layer on top of the flag. The WBC logo, set name, player name, country they represented in the WBC, and position all appear on a green-tinted world map.

Back Design: The national flag appears a couple more times, as does the portrait. A small recap of the player's performance in the WBC completes the back.

Parallels and Similars: Four printing plate parallel sets exist, as does a signature parallel for three players.

Distribution: Randomly inserted at 1:19 odds into packs of 2006 Upper Deck Ovation.

Thoughts: The 2006 Ovation insert sets all have attractive designs. This set is a patriotic tribute to WBC players, and certainly a fitting choice for Independence Day! This card came in a recent case break through The Daily Dimwit. If I didn't have too much on my plate, I would try to build a mini-master set of Ovation. Being that this insert set honors the WBC, I need to add it to my Team USA want list.

Additional Images: Blooper time! My scanner auto-finds images when I tell it to scan photos. It can pick out several cards at once, up to all nine cards that I could possibly fit. White space confuses the scanner, though, and white borders and white spaces on cards are troublesome. Every time I scan cards, I have to ensure it kept the whole card and nothing but the whole card, but the preview window is much smaller than it needs to be. I didn't notice this until it was too late:
Why, it's a nice Ken Griffey Jr. patriotic mini! This reminds me of a modern version of those Allen and Ginter minis.

Who needs the rest of the card, anyway?

Happy Independence Day!

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