Saturday, July 9, 2011

1998 Topps Gallery of Heroes Jumbos

Set size: 15 cards, 4-9/16" x 3-1/4".

Front Design: The player's photo appears on a die cut "stained glass window" design. The player's name appears at the bottom, and the team logo is squeezed into the bottom of the card where it will fit.

Back Design: Most of the card back is simply a mirror image of the front, except for the lower name plate, which instead contains the card number and legal information.

Parallels and Similars: This set is a parallel of the regular-sized Gallery of Heroes set. The Gallery of Heroes insert set followed a the same basic design concept for several years, though the stained glass design changed from issue to issue.

Distribution: The jumbos were issued as box toppers, one per 24-pack box of Topps Gallery. This makes them exactly as rare as the regular-sized cards, issued at a rate of one in 24 packs.

Thoughts: Since this is just an enlarged version of a regular insert, printed at the same rate, your interest in this set will depend on whether you like the design, and if you don't mind the non-standard size. Since I enjoy acetate cards such as this, I would like to put this set together, either in the jumbo size or standard size.

Additional Images: The view from behind is just as nice. No pun intended, at least not at first.

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