Tuesday, July 12, 2011

1969 Milton Bradley

Set size: 296 cards, 2" x 3"

Front Design: The player's name appears in all capital letters above a black and white player photo. Team logos are airbrushed from the photos and team affiliations do not appear anywhere on the card.

Back Design: The player's name is repeated on the back, along with some vital statistics. The remainder of the card has outcomes for a game.

Parallels and Similars: The 1972 issue is exactly the same, with one exception. If you look at any red-ink number "1", the 1969 version has a base, while the 1972 version has no base.

Distribution: The cards were included in a board game issued by Milton Bradley. The cards are perforated, which can be seen in the scan.

Thoughts: As a complete game (see the image below), this is an attractive addition to a memorabilia collection. The cards themselves aren't very exciting as a collectible. Roberto Clemente is the key card of the set.

Additional Images: Game with cards:

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