Thursday, August 11, 2011

2001 Upper Deck Home Run Derby Heroes

Set size: 10 cards

Front Design: The fronts feature action photos surrounded by a gold foil border and a blue-tinted border. The bottom of the card contains a gold foil and red logo, the player's name and team.

Back Design: The blue border is repeated around a description of the player's success in a particular home run derby.

Parallels and Similars: None.

Distribution: Cards were inserted 1:36 packs of 2001 Upper Deck, making it one of the most difficult non-relic/auto pulls in the release.

Thoughts: If this wasn't such a difficult set to obtain, it would be perfect for use in my Home Run Derby winner collection. However, as you can see from the Belle card, the winner isn't always pictured. Albert Belle came in second in 1995, but never won a Derby. Other than the "logo" for the set name being difficult to read due to the foil, the design is acceptable.

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