Wednesday, August 17, 2011

1991 Front Row Draft Picks

Set size: 50 cards

Front Design: A color photo sits inside a thin black border. The Front Row logo appears in the upper right, and a shadowed diamond identifies the player as a '91 Draft Pick. The player's name and position appear beneath the photo in the gray card border.

Back Design: The backs are a bit more attractive than the front. The player's full name is at the top left in a green box, while a second color photo is in the top right. The light-gray remainder of the backs contain vitals and high school/college statistics and a highlights paragraph.

Parallels and Similars: Gold and silver parallel sets exist.

Distribution: Cards were distributed in "complete" set form, containing cards 1-49, a serial-numbered certificate of authenticity (240,000 sets were produced), and a bonus card. The bonus card could be redeemed for card numbers 50-54 (51-54 were "update" cards) and one card from a separate bonus set.

Thoughts: The overall design quality of this set is on par with what a teenager could make in Microsoft Publisher in a few minutes. Front Row must have secured individual licenses with the players (as they did with Griffey Jr.). An unexpected bonus of this set may be the ability to see the players in amateur uniforms on high school or college fields.

Additional Images: card back

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