Monday, August 22, 2011

1994 Classic Four Sport Printer's Proofs

Set size: 201 cards

Front Design: A full-bleed color photo with a beveled-edge effect encompasses the basic design. The Four Sport logo, the player's name, and a Printer's Proof "stamp" all appear in red foil over the photo.

Back Design: The back contains a second color photo; the card number is in the upper-right corner in a small black box. A beveled edge shaded box sits over the bottom half of the photo with the player's vitals, stats, and a short list of highlights.

Parallels and Similars: The Printer's Proof set is a parallel of the regular Four Sport set, distinguished by the red foil stamp on the front of the card. A gold parallel also exists.

Distribution: One thousand of each card was printed and randomly inserted into Classic Four Sport packs.

Thoughts: As the name implies, this is a multisport product. The Four Sport line started in the early '90s during the first-card phase of the hobby. Manufacturers rushed to be the first to release cards of the latest, hottest picks in each sport; Classic's releases were usually among the earliest. The set's design relies on quality action photos, which this card exhibits well; it is a simple yet effective layout for its time.

Additional Images: card back:

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