Tuesday, August 23, 2011

1994 SP Holoviews

Set size: 38 cards

Front Design: A color player photo appears with a multicolored band along the right side containing the player's name, while an identically styled banner across the bottom half surrounds a hologram containing a portrait of the player and a cloudy sky.

Back Design: Another photo is placed over a large "Holoview FX" cloud logo containing the players name, team and position; a short highlights writeup is on the right side of the card.

Parallels and Similars: A die-cut version parallels this set.

Distribution: Cards were inserted one in five packs of 1994 SP.

Thoughts: Upper Deck's hologram sets usually look good, and this is no different. A larger hologram would put this set on my want list, but for this issue the hologram is secondary to the rest of the card. As far as SP inserts go, this shouldn't be too difficult to find. Many SP inserts were inserted one per box or tougher.

Additional Images: card back:

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