Friday, September 23, 2011

1998 Topps Gallery Player's Private Issue Auction

Set size: 150 cards

Front Design: The cards have a color photo surrounded by a frame designed to look like a piece of art hanging in a museum. The bottom of the frame states "Players Private Issue" and the player's name is beneath the frame.

Back Design: The backs contain the official rules for the Gallery auction, where players could bid using the auction points in the upper-right corner on one of ten pieces of framed artwork.

Parallels and Similars: The set parallels the regular Topps Gallery release and the fronts are identical to the Private Issue parallel, which is printed on thicker card stock and has regular card backs with statistics.

Distribution: Cards were inserted one per pack of 1998 Topps Gallery.

Thoughts: Even though these cards are simply a way to enter the auction, compiling a full set of 150 cards is a challenge. By including players on the front, the set becomes something more than a filler card to be thrown away, which was a smart move by Topps.

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