Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1995 Post Collector Series

 Set size: 16 cards, double-wide (3.5" x 5")

Front Design: The true "front" of the card contains a color photo on a blue marble background, surrounded by the year of issue in yellow on top, the player's name in yellow over a black border on bottom, and a black right-hand border labeling the set as the Post Collector Series. The true "back", seen on the left, contains the card number, player's name, position, team, vital stats, and a career biography. A second photo and career stats appear in the bottom half, with a facsimile signature in a black border at the bottom. The blue marble continues to the back of the card, with a white diamond watermark between the text and the marble. No MLB logos appear on the cards due to a lack of licensing agreement.

Back Design: The backs of the unfolded cards would be inside the card, when assembled as intended. This was a full-bleed color action photo with no text or design added.

Parallels and Similars: There is a Post Canadian set issued in 1995, but it has a unique design.

Distribution: Unlike previous years, when the cards would be inserted into cereal boxes and available through the company, the set was available only through limited in-store promotions. At some point, large amounts of unsold sets made their way into the market, and now the set is nearly worthless.

Thoughts: Of all the Post releases, this might be my favorite. The front and back designs are decent, but what I really enjoy is the oversized action photo with no interference. It would be great if Topps took a stab at an insert set like this. The image below reminds me of the 1997 Zenith set, which featured bright, colorful photography with only a Zenith logo on the front.

Additional Images: card back:

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