Thursday, September 8, 2011

1993 Fax Pax World of Sport

Set size: 40

Front Design: A full bleed color action photo fills most of the card, other than a red-edged white band at the bottom containing the subject's name and home country flag.

Back Design: The backs carry the player's name and sport, vital stats, career biography, and basic recent and career statistics. The cards do not carry a copyright date, but are identified as FAX PAX, Printed in the U.K.

Parallels and Similars: None known.

Distribution: Sold as a set in a box similar to playing cards.

Thoughts: This set features some of the world's best athletes of the time, covering all manner of sports. Seven of the cards feature Olympic stars. The design is basic, but the photography is decent, and the player selection is better than Goodwin Champions. It's not a popular set because of its simplicity and its being issued in England, which means you don't see them too often, but they come cheap when you do. If you're into sports beyond the big four or non-sport issues you may be familiar with Fax Pax. They issued tennis, golf, soccer, and other sport and generally historic subject sets in the 1980s and 1990s.

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