Saturday, September 10, 2011

1987 Chattanooga Lookouts Best

 Set size: 26 cards

Front Design: A purple border surrounds a color photo with diagonal horizontal borders. The team's city and year of issue appears at the top, while the player's name and position are in a yellow-bordered white band at the bottom of the photo. The team logo also appears at the bottom of the card.

Back Design: The black on white/gray backs have the player's name and position and vital statistics at the top, while a professional career summary and prior minor league experience. The card number is in the upper left inside a baseball.

Parallels and Similars: Other Best minor league issues of the year will have similar designs.

Distribution: Sets would be sold through the company, dealers, and sometimes through the team store.

Thoughts: The design reminds me a LOT of 1986 Donruss. See both images for examples (the card back for the Best card is below). While others don't like the '86 Donruss design, it doesn't really turn me off. I never saw enough of it to get tired of the (admittedly plain) design, and the Canseco card was the first real, expensive card I ever owned... back when it was expensive. Is there any connection between Best and Donruss? It is very difficult finding information online on "Best minor league cards" given that everyone wants to tell you about their best minor league cards in their collection.

Additional Images: card back (different back shown):

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