Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2005 Just Autographs Signatures

Set size: 49 cards

Front Design: The horizontal cards have a color action photo on the left side, about two inches square. The player's name and team are centered in the border beneath the photo. The MiLB logo serves as a background for the lower right side of the card, with the Just Minors logo in the upper right. A sticker autograph is placed across the photo and mILB logo.

Back Design: The photo is cropped somewhat smaller in the upper-left. The player's biographical data and prior year statistics are on the upper right; the bottom of the card is reserved for the player's name, copyright information, and a holographic authenticity/serial numbering sticker.

Parallels and Similars: There are three parallels of the autograph set. The non-autographed version has several parallels of its own - the full unautographed set has 70 cards.

Distribution: The autographs were inserted into packs of Just Autographs, with one autograph in every pack.

Thoughts: Other than the invasive foil sticker, this is a nice design. The back may not have much data, and more could be added by moving the MiLB logo and sticker, but it's a decent layout. Boxes are pretty cheap - 12 packs of 4 cards each (12 autographs) for about $35. While many (most?) of the players don't make the majors, at this price a couple boxes could yield some good players, and for $35 it could be a fun break.

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