Wednesday, November 2, 2011

1986 Albany Colonie Yankees TCMA

Set size: 32 cards

Front Design: The white bordered cards have a photo contained in a purple frame with black inner and outer edges; the team name appears beneath the photo in the frame. A black bar across the bottom of the car has the player's name and team.

Back Design: The backs follow the same basic TCMA layout as prior years, with the team and league, followed by the player's name, position, biography, and prior-year statistics. A TCMA advertisement banner is at the bottom of the card.

Parallels and Similars: All 1986 TCMA team sets have this design, and this card is a reprint used for a collector set - the TCMA banner on the back is black, while I believe original issues had the banner printed in a dark green ink.

Distribution: Team sets were sold by TCMA, through hobby dealers, and through the team itself.

Thoughts: Purple is an interesting choice for a trading card border. There isn't much to the design here - even less than in prior years. Prior to owning this card, I was unaware of a team in Albany-Colonie (which, really, is two different cities side by side; the team played in Colonie but Albany is the bigger city). The stadium was located right next to the airport but was demolished a couple years ago - all that remains is an empty field and some blacktop.

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