Saturday, December 1, 2012

1997 Pinnacle X-Press Metal Works Bronze

Set Size: 20 cards

Design Notes: The cards are heavy bronze-colored metal with relief images of the player. A crossed pair of bats with a ball is at the top, and the player's name is at thebottom. Backs have a short highlight for the player.

Parallels and Similars: Gold and silver parallels exist and are easy to identify by color.

Distribution: One card was included in each home plate box. Exchange cards for silver and gold sets were randomly inserted but are no longer valid.

Thoughts: Once again, Pinnacle created a gimmick set that I really enjoy. These cards are pretty tough to find and usually overpriced - or maybe collectors just find them more valuable. I'd like to put a set together and I have a few cards already. Poor Jeff Bagwell looks like a zombie on his card.


  1. This set is amazing. I was surprised at how heavy they are. I have the Maddux gold and Maddux silver... surprisingly, I just need the bronze.

  2. Yet, he still looks better than he did with the GOATEE(caps are needed as it was not simply a goatee).

  3. Fuji: I'm surprised how often it's the most-common card I don't seem to have!

    Cory: True.