Monday, December 10, 2012

2008 Upper Deck X

Set Size: 100 cards

Design Notes: An X-shaped design in the background takes over most of the front of the card, with a large player photo over the top. A bit of the photo background shows through part of the X. The player's name, team, and position are in a box at the bottom next to a large Upper Deck X logo.

Parallels and Similars: Die-Cuts (one per pack) and Gold Die-Cuts (one in eight retail packs) were issued.

Distribution: Boxes contain 20 packs, with eight cards per pack for $1.99 each (hobby? really?). One of the eight cards is a parallel, and another is an insert, so only six cards per pack were base cards. This means each box yielded 1.2 complete sets if collation was perfect.

Thoughts: What happens when you take the SP out of SPX? You get X. I find the design gaudy and unattractive, but packs are cheap and each box contains at least two autographs (Jeter and Griffey are the only two big names here), plus a chance at a lengthy memorabilia checklist. I'm not sure what the intention was with this set, but the Xponential inserts are the true stars of this product. The pack looks awesome - black and holofoil - and the inserts are great - more holofoil, but these base cards are boring. And I'm not the only one to open a pack and find a die-cut card only mostly die-cut.

Additional Link and Image: Xponential insert, from A Pack A Day.

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