Friday, December 7, 2012

1998 Fleer Showcase Wave of the Future

Set Size: 12 cards

Design Notes: The cards are printed on plastic. There are two plastic outer layers, plus an inner gel layer (actually, vegetable oil) with sparkle pieces. The card can be squeezed to make the sparkle pieces move around like waves - though the oil doesn't flow quickly like water. The front has a color photo, and the back has a shadow of the photo containing a player biography.

Parallels and Similars: None known.

Distribution: Cards were inserted into packs of Showcase at a rate of 1:20.

Thoughts: This is a really great concept. The waves aren't perfect, but this card is very unique as I believe it is the only card to contain liquid. It isn't perfect, but I enjoy the attempt at taking an insert theme to the next level!


  1. I always wanted to snag one of those.

    I wonder if those are Jeter's batting gloves in his pocket?

  2. I've never seen these. Looks like I'll have to add one to the collection. Gotta give Flair some props on creativity.

  3. Cory: in 1998, with the Padres, I'm guessing those are Tony Gwynn's!

    Fuji: Fleer products are always worth checking out. So are Pacific's, as far as unique concepts go.