Sunday, October 23, 2011

2002 Nestle

Set size: 6 cards

Front Design: An action photo jumps out of a silver circle. The player's last name runs up the left side, beneath which sits a monochromatic portrait photo. His name and position is across the bottom.

Back Design: The circle design repeats on the back with a third photo on the left hand side. The player's vitals and biography sit to the right; recent and career stats are in a table across the bottom.

Parallels and Similars: The design is fairly unique, though it feels slightly like 2010 Topps (or should I say, 2010 Topps looks like this set).

Distribution: Cards were inserted into Nestle ice cream products.

Thoughts: For a food issue, this is a pretty attractive set. There are major issues that have weaker designs than this set. The use of three photos and full-color, full bleed designs makes this set equal to or better than many regular issues. At only six cards, it's easy to put together, and the checklist is pretty strong - Bonds, Chipper, Piazza, A-Rod, Sosa, and Ichiro.

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