Thursday, October 20, 2011

1987 M&M's Star Lineup

Set size: 24 cards

Front Design: The player's color photo is airbrushed and placed in a waving blue flag border. His name, team, and position is in the bottom of the blue border; the top of the border has the card number and set name. The M&M's logo, an M&M mascot, the MLB logo and copyright information all appear on the front.

Back Design: The monotone red backs repeat the flag design at the top, with the player's year-by-year (since 1980, even for players not playing - see the Wade Boggs example) and career statistics in a few categories, and some career highlights in bulletized form.

Parallels and Similars: None known.

Distribution: The cards were distributed in pairs, attached with a perforated edge, inserted into large packages of M&M's candies.

Thoughts: I believe this is the only attempt M&M's made at inserting cards. For a 1980s oddball issue, the design is acceptable, even though it is quite strange to see the copyright information on the front. The photo quality leaves a lot to be wanted, especially Boggs here - it looks like they caught him at the end of batting practice on an early spring evening, on a day when the sun didn't even come out. Wade asks, "Wait, what's this photograph for? Candy? You're making a Boggs Bar? Oh, M&M's? Can you call them W&W's, you know, for Wades and Wades? You mean they already are W's if you hold them upside down? Well I'll be darned!"

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