Tuesday, December 6, 2011

1998 Ultra Top 30

Set size: 30 cards

Front Design: "Top 30" in large print surrounded by steel-looking "+" symbols is the background behind a player photo. The player's name and position is in the lower right corner in team colors, and the Ultra logo is in the upper left corner.

Back Design: A second player photo is on the left, on top of the "+" background. The Top 30 "logo" is repeated at the top right, followed by the player's name in a team color, a short biography in black text, the card number in the same team color, and a team logo.

Parallels and Similars: None.

Distribution: Cards were inserted one per pack of 1998 Ultra Series 2 retail.

Thoughts: It's a simple design that works. I like the shiny fronts with the attractive set logo in the background. The card just stands out among others. The front isn't cluttered with crazy geometric lines, and it's obvious what the insert set means - the best 30 baseball players of 1998 (as far as Fleer was concerned). At one per pack, it's an inexpensive set to collect.


  1. I kind of like this set. Although I did not know there were any Piazza as a Marlin cards out there. He was only there for like a week, right?

  2. Yeah, it really was for a week. He has maybe a dozen cards in 1998 as a Marlin, probably all issued after he left the team, but it looks like Playoff got a Marlins jersey and used it for a bunch of relic cards in 2004. Crazy!