Sunday, November 11, 2012

Holy Cow!

I've been away for the past week or so. I went to Nagoya last weekend, though I had a few posts queued for the trip. This past week has been spent tired and sick, so I haven't had the energy to write.

So here I am, preparing to write my next post, when I see my stats for the week peeking on the screen.
My 200th post, featuring this card set, was the most popular post of the week. It doesn't surprise me much, given the other cards that I've been posting lately. Oddballs and old stuff always get more attention.

Guess how many people have viewed that post. Go on, guess.

Nearly 500.


Thank you for reading. I'm glad you folks enjoyed that post! But what attracted 25 times more people to this card (set) than before? I gotta know.

Meanwhile, I'm writing up some more posts for the next week. New cards soon!

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