Sunday, November 4, 2012

2004 Mets Post Fleer (200th Post!)

Set Size: 9 cards on an unperforated uncut sheet, plus one bonus card

Design Notes: The player photos appear over a background with the Mets logo and their jersey number. Backs contain statistics, a short write-up, and a blue-tinted head shot.

Parallels and Similars: None.

Distribution: Uncut sheets were inserted into the New York Post. Cards are standard size if cut properly from the sheet. A bonus card of Kazuo Matsui was available from the Mets Clubhouse stores when customers showed the sheet and bought a pack of Fleer cards at the store.

Thoughts: This is a nice oddball to add to my collection. It has a nice design and features several stars. The header makes the sheet taller than a standard binder can hold but I'm sure it will display well in other ways. I found this sheet here in Japan, at a store on the west side of the Tokyo metropolitan area. It was a pretty good deal, too! I'm guessing the original collector got the sheet to get the Matsui card, and returned to Japan with it. Of course, they would have kept the Matsui or sold it for more money.

This is my 200th post! Thank you to all my readers and followers. As of this writing (on November 2nd, as I'll be in Nagoya doing sightseeing and card hunting when this posts) I have 43 loyal followers. Last month (October) I finally broke 1000 page views in a month (1249 total! with only 16 posts last month) and since starting in June last year (with a mostly-stagnant period the first nine months of this year) I have over 11,000 page views. I just realized while looking at my stats and history, I have made only about 25 posts this year, so most of my writing is really old.

My most-read posts (aside from the two posts that were my "last" for the long periods of empty blogness this year) are 1997-98 Score Board Autographed Collection Autographs, my Japanese Menko post, and 1993 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes (one of my favorite sets). Looking at the rest of the "top 10" it seems that the more oddballish the set (and the older it is) the more popular it is. Too bad I don't have tons of old oddball cards sitting around!

Right now I'm clearing out a scan folder from right before I left for Japan, which is why there are going to be a bunch of late-2011 issues in the next week or so. But my Japanese card collection is growing fast, and I have plans for presenting those cards sooner than later. Plus there are plenty of older cards and oddballs in my collection just waiting to be posted. And if I can somehow get the motivation, energy, and time together to sort out all my scans (from the US and Japan) I will have even better posts here for you in the future!

Meanwhile, I want to say thank you again to my readers for stopping by and looking at the most insane collection I think anyone could try to put together.
The card that started it all.

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