Wednesday, November 28, 2012

1990 Topps Coins

Set Size: 60 coins, 1-1/2" diameter

Design Notes: Made of metal, the coins have full-color photos of players with a baseball field design; the player's team and name appear at the bottom. Backs have black text describing a highlight in the player's career.

Parallels and Similars: Most coins have aluminum colorinng on the edges, as seen above, though some award-winning players were issued in different colors - these are not parallels or variations. Several other coin sets were issued by Topps, but this design is unique and a 1990 copyright is found on the back.

Distribution: Coins came three per pack, 36 packs per box. Factory sets and coin holders were also available.

Thoughts: I've listed some of the other coins issued by Topps, and they all have a similar basic design. This has the best images I've seen, and the design is pretty clean and sharp. It's another inexpensive set to obtain, with Ripken and Ryan leading the pack at around $1/coin but it's a fun issue to put together by busting packs.


  1. One of my eBay searches is Topps coins. I'll eventually either grab a factory set or pick up a box of these awesome pieces of metal.

  2. I'd go the box route, there is a chance that you wouldn't get a full set in a box. I'd bust a box at $5 or so just for the fun of it - in fact I think I did a long time ago, and I might have the coins sitting in a box back in Georgia.