Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2008 SP Legendary Cuts

Set Size: 200 cards (100 in the short set, 100 SP rookies)

Design Notes: A horizontal card with a greyish background, the player's name is at the bottom along with his team. A black-and-white action photo is paired with a color head shot. The backs use the same basic design as the front, carrying over the position at the top of the card as well as the headshot. A short writeup and career statistics are included.

Parallels and Similars: Only one parallel set was issued, the 1-of-1 serial-numbered Memorable Moments.

Distribution: Each box had 12 packs of four cards, though four packs held memorabilia cards and six packs included a Yankee Stadium Legacy card, plus there was a chance for autograph cards. Building a short set would take at least three boxes.

Thoughts: I like the design of this set. It's got a lot going on but it's not too busy, and it's not as "clean" as most Upper Deck releases, fitting in with the historical vibe the set was hoping for.

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