Friday, January 18, 2013

2007 Upper Deck Spectrum

Set Size: 162 cards (100 veterans, 42 autographed rookies, 20 rookie exchange cards)

Design Notes: The foilboard background looks like a shiny mirror-like corner of a room with an S-shaped flooring design; the player's name and team are printed sideways on either side of the card. Backs use the same basic background with player statistics.

Parallels and Similars: Die-cut parallels were issued in three colors.

Distribution: Five-card packs came 20 packs per box.

Thoughts: Spectrum ended up being another pointless issue made by Upper Deck solely to appease collectors' interests in relics and autographs. The design is minimal, though with a small bit of additional effort it could have been a good looking card. I like the mirror-like floor and wall surface. But this is a release that could have been created on a computer in about 10 minutes at most.

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