Sunday, June 26, 2011

2011 Topps Heritage Triple Stamp Box Toppers

Set size: 30 cards (one per team)

Front Design: All cards from this set, which are approximately the same size as three cards put side-by-side, feature a pitcher, a large "TOPPS" logo, and the team logo on the left 1/3 of the card. The team name appears at the bottom of the card, and the set title at the top. Three players are shown in traditional Heritage-style photography as simulated stamps, complete with perforated edges. However, the cards don't actually feature stamps. The stamps themselves are copies of the 1962 Topps Stamps design.

Back Design: The backs feature the pitcher, team logo, and team name repeated from the front, and 2010 and career statistics for each of the three players shown on the card front.

Parallels and Similars: As mentioned above, the stamp design is copied from the original Topps Stamps issued in 1962. Two-stamp panels featuring modern players were inserted into packs, as were 1/1 panels with original 1962 two-stamp panels.

Distribution: These cards were inserted as toppers in 2011 Topps Heritage. One in three boxes contained one of these stamp panels, while other boxes contained Topps Bucks or advertising panels.

Thoughts: Storage is always an issue, but I am a fan of oversized box loader cards. I was disappointed with this card when I first held it in my hands, as the stamps are simply printed onto the card instead of being attached to the card. I'm not a big fan of Topps Heritage, but even ignoring that, the panel design seems a bit tired, plain, and uninspiring. I'm glad to have this card in my collection, but I won't ever be interested in putting a set together.


  1. The stamps aren't real? Lame. (But I'll still look into getting the Royals version if it's priced right).

  2. I literally ran my fingers over the stamps, felt nothing, and thought that exact word. Dealbreaker, Topps. Dealbreaker.