Saturday, July 21, 2012

2011 Topps Heritage Minors Real One Autographs

Set Size: 50

Design Notes: The cards are designed to look similar to 1962 Topps - you know, wood borders - with the small addition of a gigantic off-white stripe for a stickered autograph to go. The backs still follow the 1962 Topps design, but have an RA- prefixed card number.

Parallels and Similars: The set is a parallel of the base 2011 Topps Heritage Minors base set, which is nearly identical to the 2011 Topps Heritage set, which is nearly identical to the 1962 Topps set. Yeah. There's a lot of reuse of card designs going on here. The autograph set has blue, green, and red tint variation parallelss, black border parallels, and printing plates.

Distribution: Cards were randomly inserted into boxes of 2011 Topps Heritage Minors. Two autographs are found in each box of Minors.

Thoughts: I understand the interest in the Heritage line, and while I don't collect the set I like some of the basic ideas behind it. Heritage, with minor leaguers, though, just doesn't interest me. Especially when a gigantic swatch of off-white wood grain shows up for a sticker autograph. There isn't much interest in minor league cards anyway, and Bowman has Topps' prospect bases covered. I like minor league issues, but I wish Topps wouldn't take their MLB designs and stick them on MiLB sets. Tekotte made his MLB debut last year, but the statistics just aren't there. He's currently at .133 for the year, though he's only had 15 at-bats.

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