Sunday, July 22, 2012

2004 Fleer Showcase Grace Game Used

Set Size: 10 cards, mainly with jersey relics (Jeter has a bat card instead)

Design Notes: The fairly simple design has a parchment-style border, a photo, and lots of foil printing - colors change depending on the player's team. A circle contains a relic piece, while the back has a certificate of authenticity.

Parallels and Similars: This card is a parallel of the Grace insert set, which has a team logo where the relic window appears on this card. There are Gold #/150, Reward #/23-55 depending on the player, and Patch #/50 parallels (Jeter doesn't have a patch parallel, since his relic is a bat).

Distribution: Cards were randomly inserted into the mid-high range Fleer Showcase packs. One Grace relic card appeared in every two boxes (1:48 packs).

Thoughts: In the mid-2000s parallel/relic craze, the Showcase release is one of many forgotten soon after it hit shelves. The Grace set doesn't break any design grounds, and it hardly stands out, but if your favorite player has a relic in the set, it displays well, with a classy feel.

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